We're doing good together

In the Community

Our Co-operative was created through a community of people working together to help each other – it’s our back bone, it’s who we are, it’s where we come from and it’s what we do.

We are a New Zealand Co-operative made up of everyday good people who work together to do amazing things with dairy, we are passionate about supporting our communities and its through our philosophy of Doing Good Together that we intend to care for people, the environment and our co-op for generations.  

Putting good quality nutrition in the hands of those who need it most.

Protecting & regenerating the environment.

Keeping our communities strong.

Feeding NZ Communities

Partnering with Feed out & the New Zealand Food Network we have donated more than 14 million dairy serves across New Zealand since July 2020.

At the heart of our communities

We support a wide range of initiatives & projects throughout regional New Zealand.  These include school groups, educational groups, charitable trusts, sports clubs and local emergency services for a wide range of environmental, community and health and safety initiatives.

See what we're doing below:

Stream health assessments
Venture Taranaki Creative Challenge
Nigel Latta speaks about Wellbeing
School helps with wetland

Together, we do good things - we're helping them, help others.

Rubber to the road

The Merri River School puts a big emphasis on bike education and road safety – now the students have ten new mountain bikes to ride around on.

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Together, we’ve built something special

Each year our Stanhope site gives 50 trailer loads of material that gets upcycled into things for the community. The Shed has become a place of creativity, friendship, and support.

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Together, we’re helping protect communities

The 2018 St. Patrick’s Day fires were devastating to the farmers and communities in western Victoria. The Bostocks Creek CFA was fundraising for a new vehicle, it only seemed right we made a contribution.

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