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The nourishment people need
All around the world, more and more people want and need the kind of natural nourishment that sustainable dairy nutrition from Aotearoa New Zealand provides. 
Because milk is a superfood from nature and an important part of a balanced diet, it provides a unique bundle of essential nutrients that are hard to replicate.

It plays a vital role in helping to meet the world’s nutritional needs now and into the future.

Right now, we share trusted, sustainable dairy nutrition of New Zealand with customers and consumers through our world-leading core dairy products and advanced nutrition ingredients.

But we’re also looking to the future, bringing together nature and science to unlock more of that potential. Meeting changing consumer needs and lifestyles with new experiences, flavours and formats.

Follow the milk drop

Explore our immersive journey and discover that there is more to milk than meets the eye. 

Our Nutrition Mission

At Fonterra we believe that our sustainable dairy goodness from New Zealand provides vital nutrition that will help people lead better lives.

Together with our nutrition policies, standards and guidelines we have a framework in place, called our nutrition identity, that ensures the continuous improvement, reporting and the governance of nutrition right across our Co-operative.

Our Performance

Percentage of consumer products that meet endorsed nutrition guidelines

Did you know?

For as much calcium delivered in a 250ml glass of full-fat milk, you'd need to devour one of the following*:

  • 9 cups of raw spinach
  • Gulp down ten cups of raw broccoli
  • Munch on more than half a cup of tinned sardines
  • Crunch through over half a cup almonds

*New Zealand Food Composition Database. 2022. The Concise New Zealand Food Composition Tables, 14th Edition 2021. The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited and Ministry of Health www.foodcomposition.co.nz/concise-tables/

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The superfood people need

Discover the unmatched nutritional value of milk, containing over 10 essential nutrients.


There have been many questions, myths and misconceptions about milk and dairy products over the years.  Ever wondered what to believe? We’ve got the science and the facts right here.

Learn and Discover

Explore a library of nutrition content that unpacks the truth about milk and dairy products.

Learn how milk differs to plant-based beverages, its role in the global food system and why we believe milk is a true superfood. Watch our expert videos, read informative articles, and download easy to digest infographics.

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