Fonterra is the world’s leading milk processor and dairy exporter. Be part of our 20,000 strong team around the world.

We have a pure, natural product with unlimited potential. There are nutritional possibilities we’ve yet to explore.

We have generations of dairy expertise behind us . We will be at the forefront of dairy innovation for generations to come. Every day, our knowledge, our products and our people combine to bring the best of dairy to our customers and consumers around the world and the best returns to our business.  Each day, we add to our reputation.

For us, tomorrow is not just another day – it’s an opportunity to make our vision real. 

Where in the world do you see yourself?

We've got opportunities everywhere, let your journey with us begin right here.

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We’re always searching for great contractors with the skills we need to keep at the forefront of the global...

Supply Chain Careers

From grass to glass our Global Supply Chain teams are core to what we do and really make an impact on the future...

Global Information Services

Global Information Services is key to ensuring the success of Fonterra and we're embarking on a promising journey...

Our Values.  We are all writing Fonterra’s story.

As individuals, we are shaped by different cultural, professional and personal experiences. 

Our shared values enable us to combine our personal strengths with those of others to make Fonterra stronger, better, more innovative and more successful. 

We could write a novel about our values. We’re a company that spans many countries and cultures, and values are hugely important to us. 

But when you boil it down, there are just four simple things that guide us. 

And it doesn’t matter who or where we are within Fonterra, these are the values we share.

Challenge boundaries
  • Look at the future through customers' eyes
  • Keep us one step ahead
  • Welcome the unfamiliar, encourage different thinking
  • Continuously lift standards; improve quality
  • Find a way - invent, improve, solve
  • Learn from success and mistakes
Make it happen
  • Create the climate for others to succeed
  • Aim high; deliver exceptional results
  • Step up; take accountability
  • Plan thoroughly; include contingencies
  • Persevere and do what it takes
  • Celebrate success
Co-Operative spirit
  • Put the whole of Fonterra before its parts
  • Pitch in; volunteer my knowledge, capability, and networks
  • Safety first; for me and for others
  • Form lasting partnerships
  • Promote our reputation and honour, our heritage
  • Honour what's important to local communities
Do what's right
  • Do what I say I will
  • Treat others as I would expect to be treated
  • Speak openly and honestly
  • Have the tough conversations
  • Have the courage to challenge when things don't seem right

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