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Find key information and resources, including supply terms and conditions, SAP Ariba user guides, as well as frequently asked questions.

We are a New Zealand Co-operative made up of everyday good people who work together to do good things with dairy. Good things with the land we work on and good things for the people that our products end up with. 

We take great care of every drop of milk, from the beginning, and through every value chain step to our customers and consumers.  It’s our dedication and care that enables us to produce safe and high-quality food, and our dairy know-how and innovation capability mean we can do amazing things with our milk to enhance people’s lives.

Responsible Procurement
Our Commitment
Our Expectations
Partnering with Fonterra

User Guides and FAQs

Access a range of user guides and frequently asked questions for additional support for registering or using the SAP Business (Ariba) Network.  


Information Required for Vendor Registration


Insurance Questionnaire Definition Fact Sheet

Partnering with Fonterra
Creating an SAP Business Network Account
Completing a Vendor Registration Form
Completing an Insurance Certificate Questionnaire


Vendor Registration FAQ’s

  • Yes.  As a prerequisite for participation in Fonterra Sourcing Events, all vendors will need to have an SAP Business Network account and be a registered user.
  • All selected vendors will need to have, at a minimum, a free standard account to transact electronically with Fonterra.

Vendors incur no costs to create a new SAP Business Network Standard Account and participate in any Fonterra sourcing event.

You may incur account usage fees if you set up an SAP Business Network Enterprise Account. For full list of functionalities and additional info, please visit the SAP Business Network accounts and pricing page.

You will need to set up an SAP Business Network account or link your existing account to Fonterra. You can refer to our User Guides for step-by-step instructions.

This guide provides answers to many frequently asked questions about the Ariba Network, what’s required to set up accounts, how vendors can manage multiple accounts, as well as key contacts. 


SAP Business Network FAQs

This guide provides some questions and answers and basic trouble shooting for things like creating an account, login and password resets, login errors messages, updating your email addresses and usernames, as well as how to find your SAP Business Network ID Number (ANID). 


SAP Ariba Account User FAQs

As the administrator of your organisation’s SAP Ariba Network account, you play an important part in keeping your company’s account running smoothly.

Your responsibilities include:

  • Handling account configuration and management
  • Serving as the primary point of contact for users with questions or problems
  • Creating/modifying roles and users for their account
  • Resetting a User’s Password
  • Editing Customer Assignments
  • Transferring the account administration
  • Role account configuration

The administrator role is automatically linked to the username and login entered during account setup and registration. If necessary, however, you can reassign the role to another person at a later stage.

A user is created by the administrator and has exactly one role, which corresponds to the user’s real job responsibilities. Each user is responsible for updating his or her personal user information.

See the Ariba® Network for Suppliers Administrator Quick-Start Guide for detailed information on the following topics:

  • Accessing and changing former administrator's account
  • Transfer the account administration role
  • Reassigning admin account to a co-worker
  • Update your account information.

Access a range of user guides and frequently asked questions for additional support for participating in Fonterra Sourcing Events.  ​

For step-by-step instructions on how to participate in a RFI or RFX Event, or sign documents using DocuSign please refer to the detailed User Guides listed above.

This guide provides some questions and answers and basic trouble shooting around participating in Fonterra Sourcing Events.


Sourcing Event FAQs

Tactical Sourcing
Responding to a Request for Quote (RFQ) demo video

The Helpful Resources section outlines key information like our Supply Terms and Conditions, and our Sustainability Code of Practice. ​

Fonterra’s Responsible Procurement

Fonterra Supplier Sustainability Code of Practice

Terms & Conditions

Food Safety and Quality System

Contractor Safety Management Help

Withholding Tax Form for the USA

Static Catalogue Upload Process

Static Catalogue Excel Template

PunchOut Catalogue Upload Process

PunchOut Catalogue Excel Template

Vendor Risk Management

Fonterra is proud of its strong relationships with organisations who supply us with valuable products and services to help us achieve our strategic goals. It’s a great example of our purpose ‘tatou tatou - good together’ in action.

Globally we engage with over 10,000 vendors, and we are reliant on them to deliver our objectives.

In 2022 we designed a vendor vetting and engagement framework, enabled by an online portal, to help us better understand and manage the risks associated with our vendors.

The new framework, supported by the online portal and a robust business process, allows us to assess and manage our vendors in a more efficient and consistent way, both during initial selection and on a proactive ongoing basis.

For our vendors, the goal is to provide them with easy-to-use systems that supports a transparent assessment with clear requirements and good management processes throughout the entire engagement lifecycle. For our employees, it allows us to comprehensively cover the broad range of topics that need to be considered and focus on the most relevant and highest risk topics for each given vendor.

The topics covered include regulatory compliance, food safety and quality, health and safety, cyber security, environmental performance and working conditions.

Our Third-Party Risk Management framework will be used with all new vendors in New Zealand, and gradually over the next three years, we aim to expand coverage globally.

Vendor Risk Management Process

Maintaining strong relationships with our vendors is important to us, as is fulfilling our promises to customers and meeting the requirements of regulatory bodies. A good understanding of your business helps us to:

1. Assess the entity risks of our vendors or third-parties

2. Improve our management of vendor-related risk, and

3. Act to reduce Fonterra's risk accordingly.

Our vendor registration process is designed to help you share information with us about your organisation through an online vendor portal.