Fonterra is a global dairy nutrition company owned by 10,000 farmers and their families. Read about our company and about our farmers and markets.

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Our focus areas

We’re a Co-op with our roots firmly planted in New Zealand’s rich land, working to unlock every drop of goodness from the milk we collect and share with the world.


Strong healthy local environments and communities are the foundation for sustainable, profitable dairy farming.

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Sustainable Catchments

Learn more about our catchments progress

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Dairy helps you live a healthier life. We take its natural goodness, apply our Kiwi ingenuity and make delicious, nutritious food. 

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Trusted Goodness

Trusted Goodness is our promise to you

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In New Zealand and around the world our industry plays an important role in supporting rural livelihoods and community development.

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innovation & environment

Using collaborative science to unlock our potential

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Open Gates 2018

16 of our Fonterra farmers welcomed the public to their farms to learn how our farmers work hard caring for their animals, waterways and environment.

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Latest news from Fonterra

Three years on and going strong

For the first time in nine years, Korean President Moon Jae-in is visiting New Zealand and no doubt, trade is on his agenda.

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The two aspects you can’t compromise on if you want to meet consumer needs

New Zealand produces enough food for 50 million people. Pretty impressive for a country of 4.7 million. But with 9 billion mouths to feed by 2050, the world needs to produce more nutrition – 30% more. 

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Moving towards a circular economy  

Fonterra’s Director of Sustainability, Carolyn Mortland, talks about the circular economy approach and how Fonterra is looking at ways to adopt this model.  

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Building our reputation by opening our gates

Our Open Gates event saw 16 of our farmers open the gates of their dairy farms to more than 8,400 Kiwis throughout New Zealand. Fonterra’s Director of Brand Jillian Laing explains the rationale behind the event and the challenge in building corporate reputation.

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Our Brands

Our farmers make some of New Zealand’s best-loved brands.

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