Fonterra launches plan to improve waterways


Fighting Fires in Kamo now a little easier

Kamo Volunteer Fire Brigade say they can now cut through to the scene of a fire faster thanks to a grant from the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund.

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Turning poo into power

How a pioneering farmer in Southland turned his idea of generating electricity from effluent into reality...

Meet Dolly Fagen

Manager of Supply Store, Fonterra HQ, Auckland.  One of the many who contribute to dairy loved around the world.

Made by Many

This is the story of dairy that’s loved all around the world, made by many of us.

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Our farmers and employees from local communities share their stories so you can get to know us better. 

October 27, 2017

Veterinarian, Canterbury.
One of the many who contribute to dairy loved around the world.

September 27, 2017

Tyres, plastic bags and odd jandals were among the two truckloads of rubbish collected during a two hour clean up at Edgecumbe’s Thornton beach.

September 15, 2017

Last month, members of Fonterra’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) were among the 200 firefighters who climbed Auckland’s Sky Tower stairs in memory of the firefighters lost in the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks in 2001.

October 27, 2017

Research Engineer, Fonterra Research and Development Centre, Palmerston North. 

One of the many who contribute to dairy loved around the world.

October 27, 2017

Fonterra Environmental Manager, Upper South Island.

One of the many who contribute to dairy loved around the world.

October 25, 2017

Over the past few years Fonterra dairy farmer Stu Muir has been restoring the once stagnant stream on the boundary of his Waikato farm to create 20 whitebait spawning ponds with grasses, flaxes, kahikatia, kowhai, mahoe and other wetland trees.


Water is essential to the long-term success of our Co-op, as well as to the health and environment of communities where we live, work and farm.

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Trusted Goodness™

We ensure the quality of our world class product is protected as it journeys from our farms to homes all around the world. That’s our promise to you. That’s Trusted Goodness™.

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NZMP Ingredients

NZMP is Fonterra’s B2B dairy brand, giving customers unmatched ingredient performance and innovative new products & business solutions.

Anchor Food Professionals

The foodservice business of Fonterra. Finding performance in the business of food.

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Caring for animals

Healthy, well cared-for animals are vital to producing safe, high-quality milk.

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Find out how our milk protein concentrate is used in medical nutritional products

As delicious as milk is, it takes litres of whole milk to do what a small amount of milk protein concentrate can.


From Here To Everywhere

We're a nation of inventors, makers and doers. Fonterra is no different. Come explore how we're taking Kiwi innovation to the world.