More consumers want refreshing drinks which deliver on their nutritional needs, fit in with their busy lifestyles and most importantly, taste great.

Protein products are now sought out by a wider consumer set, who recognise that the benefits of consuming more protein may also extend to better exercise recovery, superior satiety effects, body toning and general wellbeing. 

We provide a range of ingredients which can be used to add nutritional benefits to many beverages.

Functional Flavoured Milks

Our protein energy drinks deliver sustained energy and nutrition in a more natural product than traditional energy drinks. The following milk proteins have proven heat stability and shelf stability in neutral beverages at less than 6 per cent protein content.

Protein Water

Our protein water is pleasantly flavoured water that provides consumers the added benefit of high quality whey protein to help boost nutritional intake. ClearProtein™ 8855 is a unique and highly innovative whey protein isolate ingredient that is clear in solution.

Protein Smoothies

Smooth, creamy protein enriched smoothies are experiencing strong growth around the world, particularly in the USA. Smoothies combine the goodness of fruit plus the added nutritional value of concentrated high quality dairy protein. Benefits include satiety, meal replacement and optimised protein consumption, especially around the breakfast occasion which is typically low in protein consumption for many consumers. We have a wide range of ingredient solutions including functional Milk Protein Concentrates (MPC) which provide customers the optimal protein levels without compromising taste and texture.

Juice and Milk based drinks

A creamy, great tasting combination of juice and milk providing a healthy alternative to soft drinks. We have a wide range of ingredient solutions including Protein Concentrate 4424 for cost effective Whole Milk Powder (WMP) substitution and WPC/WMP and MPC/WMP blends. We also have a great deal of technical expertise in the formulation of acidic milky based beverages.

Protein enriched apple juice

A refreshing and great tasting apple juice that provides all the benefits of fruit juice combined with the nutrition of high quality whey protein. Our unique ClearProtein™ 8855 combined with our technical work on astringency positions us well as leaders in enriched juice beverage development.

Fermented milk drinks

Fermented milk drinks or sour milk drinks (including Kefir or Lassi) are popular beverages across Asia, India and Eastern and Northern Europe. Our MPC ingredients can provide fermented milk drinks excellent heat stability (neutral pH) higher protein levels for optimal nutrition and are also low in fat and lactose.

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