Anmum: My maternal partner

The Anmum brand offers a full range of nutritional milk products specially formulated to meet the needs of mothers and the changing needs of their young children.

The Anmum nutritional system includes specially formulated milks for women planning to start a family, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, as well as products for infants and young children. 

Backed by US$50 million of research into nutrition, maternal and infant health, and child development, Anmum products are formulated with key nutrients such as Folate, Gangliosides (GA), Sialic Acid (SA), Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) and iron. These nutrients have been scientifically proven to play a role in the brain development of infants and young children.

Anmum is available in 10 countries across Asia.

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The Anmum Knowledge Centre is a network of world-leading scientific research institutes, paediatricians and child-development experts. In 2007, Fonterra set up the Anmum Advisory Board consisting of key opinion leaders in the field of child health and development from the USA, Australia and New Zealand, to guide clinical research and maternal-child health education programmes conducted by Anmum. The Board also assists local doctors and nurses across Asia to keep up with the latest scientific discoveries in the area of child development.

  • I’m breastfeeding. What is the best Anmum product for me?+

    Anmum Lacta is the only milk specially formulated for breastfeeding mums. Anmum Lacta contains DHA – an omega-3 fatty acid found in breast milk – and gangliosides which support brain growth and development, especially the formation of brain cell connections.

  • What are the benefits of drinking Anmum Materna during pregnancy?+

    During pregnancy, it is essential for both the mother and baby to get the right kinds of nutrients such as folic acid, iron and zinc. Milk is a good source of calcium for expectant mums and their babies. 

    Anmum Materna is specifically formulated to meet the needs of pregnant women. It is high in folic acid, and has been clinically tested to improve folate status in women of childbearing age – to support the growth of your baby and reduce the risk of birth defects. It also contains other important nutrients that may be difficult to obtain from food in adequate amounts such as iron, Gangliosides, DHA, essential fatty acids, and Sialic Acid – all nutrients that play an important role in the brain development of your child.

  • Where can I get Anmum products?+

    Anmum is available in 10 countries across Asia through authorised distributors. Please check with your local stores on availability and range of Anmum products which may differ from country to country.

  • Why should I feed my child Anmum growing up milks rather than regular milk?+

    Anmum is fortified with additional vitamins and nutrients, building on the natural goodness of milk to support your child’s growth. It contains vitamins A, C and E, zinc, iron and selenium which help protect children against sicknesses such as diarrhoea, anaemia, acute lower respiratory infection and pneumonia.

    Anmum also contains certain ‘brain’ nutrients, which have been shown to help support a child’s brain development and improve brain function including Gangliosides, Sialic acid and DHA.

    Our Growing Up Milk Powders are suitable for children aged 1 to 6 years.