Debt Investors

Learn about our current credit rating status, our Retail Bonds and Capital Notes.

Fonterra current credit rating status


S&P Global Ratings has rated Fonterra, A- / Outlook stable


Fitch Ratings has rated Fonterra, A / Outlook stable

Sustainable Finance

Fonterra has released its Sustainable Finance Framework, which aligns Fonterra’s funding strategy with its sustainability ambitions and reflects the evolving preferences of lenders and debt investors in this area. See the Media Release here. For more information you can view the following documents and listen to the Debt Investor Group Call held on 25 October 2022:

Sustainable Finance Framework - October 2022

Second Party Opinion (SPO) - ISS Corporate Solutions - October 2022

Debt Investor Update Presentation - October 2022

Retail Bonds

Fonterra has Retail Bonds on issue and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange Debt Market (NZDX). To buy or sell Retail Bonds, please contact your broker.

Retails Bonds have been rated the same as the Company by both S&P and Fitch.

  Retail bond
NZDX code FCG050
Documentation Terms sheet


Master trust deed


Supplemental trust deed (No. 19)