We’re striving to be a New Zealand dairy Co-op that’s producing nutrition in a way that cares for people, animals and our environment, and brings value to our communities.

Our Sustainability Report underlines our commitment to sustainability, while also recognising there is more work to be done.

our commitment

Climate change

Our transition to a more sustainable way of dairying is about understanding the connection between land, animals and water, and using resources wisely.

our commitment

Land & waterways

The challenges we face are significant and the changes required will take time, but we want to play our part. We are working in our sites, with our farmers and with our communities to face those challenges and improve our environmental performance.

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Our focus areas

On farm water sustainability

We want New Zealand’s land and water to be healthy, we want Kiwi’s to be able to swim where they want to, and we’re working with our farmers, doing our part to get there.

Sustainable catchments

Achieving sustainable water catchments in the regions where we operate means working with others to help protect and regenerate the waterways.

Reducing our water use

Our factories depend on water. We acknowledge that water use across our 26 sites is significant, and we want to ensure our water use is as efficient as possible

Thanks to our farmers, we’re making progress


farms with Farm Environment Plans

That’s 23% of our farms. We’re on track to hit our goal of 100% of farms an FEP by the end of 2025.


of waterways are fenced off from cows

This is a big step in the right direction to keeping our waterways clean, we are further focussing on this goal by…

We’d love to show you around

We’re super-proud of the way our farms and manufacturing sites are protecting the environment and supporting our communities.  Come on in and have a look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Our ambition for zero waste

Packaging is vital for delivering safe and quality nutrition, and is also a large component of our direct and indirect waste. 

We aspire to play our part in achieving the concept of ‘zero waste’ and this year we set specific global targets to guide our efforts.

  • 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025
  • Zero solid waste to landfill by 2025