Supporting the Health of New Zealanders

Healthy Kids Pledge


  1. We’re committed to making free nutritious milk available to all schools with primary-aged children nationwide as part of the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme.
  2. We’re committed to providing free milk for a nutritious breakfast for all kiwi school kids as part of the KickStart breakfast programme.
  3. We’ll roll out the Health Star Rating on all our everyday products in New Zealand, as we refresh our packaging.
  4. By the end of 2018, Fonterra Brands NZ will include Health Star Rating information on our websites for all everyday products.
  5. Our advertising will always comply with the Advertising Standards Authority Children and Young People’s Advertising Code in New Zealand.
  6. When we’re sponsoring events for children, Fonterra Brands will support healthy nutrition.
  7. We’ll continue to move our portfolio of everyday products for children and young people towards using minimum quantities of added sugars, refined carbohydrates, added fats, salt and other additives without compromising on quality, taste, texture or safety.


New Zealand Food Industry Taskforce on addressing factors contributing to obesity.

Since it was established in 2018, Fonterra has been part of the New Zealand Food Industry Taskforce on Addressing Factors Contributing to Obesity (FIT) which was set up to identify what more industry could do to assist in taking action to reduce obesity rates in New Zealand.

FIT submitted a report to Minister’s for Health and Food Safety, making 51 recommendations in 5 focus areas:

  • Reformulation and Innovation
  • Community Education and Initiatives
  • Employee Health and Wellness
  • Labelling and Health Star Rating
  • Marketing

Fonterra representatives in the Taskforce advise on actions we are taking as a business and ensure recommendations are implemented as proposed with industry alignment.