Fonterra shares the goodness of its naturally nutritious New Zealand milk with more than 1500 families nationwide


Subang, 13 July 2023 – New Zealand dairy co-operative, Fonterra today joined hands with Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia (YFBM), a non-profit Non-Government Organization (NGO) to contribute its much-loved Fernleaf and Anlene milk with more than 1500 families nationwide. Fifty families in PPR Lembah Subang 2 today received the contribution which serves as a kickstart to YFBM’s nationwide initiative, Kembara Merdeka to support 1500 families in need and more through their continuous efforts to assist vulnerable families within Klang Valley.

This initiative is part of Fonterra’s Good Together corporate social responsibility to create a positive change in the community by putting its high-quality, naturally nutritious dairy in the hands of those in need.

“The current economic uncertainties make for difficult times. We have a responsibility to keep our communities strong,” said Carolyn Lim, Fonterra Malaysia’s Director, People & Culture. “Our dairy is so uniquely special; it’s got all the nutrients to help Malaysians live healthy and happy lives”.

With a long presence in Malaysia spanning 50 years, Fonterra’s dairy brands like Fernleaf emphasize its New Zealand provenance and natural goodness because of its well-cared grass-fed cows that help produce a natural source of nutrient-rich milk.

“Our dairy is produced in the most natural way possible. Our ways of working – both on and off-farm is a testament to how our milk is produced naturally”, Lim adds.

This marks Fonterra’s third year of collaboration with the national foodbank.

“We’re grateful for partners like Fonterra. Though we have the network to aid support for those in need, we rely on donations and sponsors from organizations to realize our objective in creating ‘zero hunger’ communities throughout Malaysia”, shared Johan Halid, Chief Executive Officer of Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia.

For Fonterra, working with a trusted partner like YFBM is important to ensure our high-quality New Zealand milk reaches the right group of people who are in need.

“We hope to continuously keep our communities strong and share the dairy goodness of New Zealand milk through efforts like this,” said Lim.

Fonterra’s in-house nutritionist, Wendy Goh was also present to share her knowledge and expertise in dairy nutrition. “Dairy is an important food to be incorporated into one’s daily diet. It’s a good source of calcium and protein which is essential for building strong bones and muscle”, Goh said.

“We hope through initiatives like this, we’re able to create more awareness amongst Malaysians on the importance of daily dairy consumption”.

Fonterra’s partnership on the Kembara Merdeka initiative starts in July and will assist 1500 families in need, covering states like Kedah, Perak, Pahang, Johor, and Kelantan.