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Three Simple Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis, A Silent Disease That Is Increasingly Spread

As we age, the body's ability to maintain bone density continues to decline. With 206 bones supporting the body, the density and strength of human bones peak in the late 20s before gradually declining by the age of 35. In approximately five years at menopause, women tend to lose 10-30% of their bone density, while men may experience a decrease in bone density as the testosterone hormone declines between the ages of 60-65 .

November 09, 2023

South East Asia

Fonterra shares New Zealand’s best farming practices to upskill Thai dairy farmers

New Zealand’s largest dairy co-operative, Fonterra joined hands today with the Thai government to help upskill Thai dairy farmers and improve local farming practices.

November 02, 2023

South East Asia

Getting to Know Grass-fed Milk: The Best Choice to Meet Adult’s Daily Nutrition

It’s no longer a secret that cow's milk is one of the best choices of beverage containing a good source of nutrition recommended for regular consumption. Along with the development of milk products, consumers are now faced with more and more choices of milk created to answer consumers’ various needs. One of them is 'grass-fed milk', whose label can be found on the milk packaging in the market.

August 16, 2023

South East Asia

Fonterra shares the goodness of its naturally nutritious New Zealand milk with more than 1500 families nationwide

New Zealand dairy co-operative, Fonterra today joined hands with Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia (YFBM), a non-profit Non-Government Organization (NGO) to contribute its much-loved Fernleaf and Anlene milk with more than 1500 families nationwide.

July 13, 2023

South East Asia

Fonterra Launches Anchor Cheddar Cheese, #TastetheDifference with Your Loved Ones

Anchor launched its newest cheese product in Indonesia, the Anchor Cheddar Cheese

July 11, 2023

South East Asia

Win food prizes and fund meals for delivery riders

CALLING all food lovers. You are invited to embark on a delicious journey that not only satisfies your cravings but also spreads joy to food delivery riders through the Anchor Legendairy Spread Joy, Spread Love campaign.

July 07, 2023

South East Asia

Fernleaf shares the goodness of its new probiotic-packed cultured milk drink with more than 17,000 Malaysians

Sharing the goodness of cultured milk drink with probiotics to support good gut health and well-being to the community at selected Ramadhan bazaars and Program Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) in Klang Valley

April 21, 2023

South East Asia

Addressing Pregnant Women's Concerns About Excessive Weight Gain, Anmum Lite is Launched with Complete Nutrition and Lower Fat

Anmum, a pregnancy milk by PT Fonterra Brands Manufacturing Indonesia, introduces Anmum Lite, Indonesia’s first low-fat pregnancy milk.

March 15, 2023

South East Asia

How to market your home bakery business?

YOU know your baking skills are good when your family and friends rave about your cakes and pastries. Now you are all hyped up to sell your baked goodies. But before you get ahead of yourself with visions of a roaring bakery business ahead, you need clientele and we’re not talking about just friends and relatives.

March 08, 2023