Fonterra Launches Anchor Cheddar Cheese, #TastetheDifference with Your Loved Ones


Understanding the increasing demand for cheese products suitable for home cooking experience, Anchor, a Fonterra dairy brand, launched its newest cheese product in Indonesia, the Anchor Cheddar Cheese. Through this launch, Anchor, famously known for its butter products, is now extending its dairy products line designed to be a delicious, practical, excellent, and versatile cooking ingredient for every dish. Also present at the event were Chef Devina Hermawan and actress Meisya Siregar, who provided tips on incorporating cheddar cheese in a family dish.

Riszha Gandjar, Anchor Marketing Manager, Fonterra Brands Indonesia, remarked, "The demand for cheese products in Indonesia continues to increase and is projected to grow to 11.3% in the next five years. It shows that cheese is increasingly playing an important role in our daily meals. Therefore, by leveraging our milk processing expertise since 1886, Anchor, as the number 1 dairy brand in New Zealand, is bringing the goodness of milk in the form of Anchor Cheddar Cheese to be a versatile ingredient that is easy to work with at home.”

Formulated with New Zealand cow's milk that consumes grass all year round, Anchor Cheddar Cheese offers a milkier and creamier taste that you could #TastetheDifference. The right texture and density make this cheese easier to utilize according to every cook’s preference, making it suitable for various dishes and cooking techniques. All of this is made possible by the goodness of native New Zealand grass-fed cow's milk, thus making it an excellent cooking ingredient with high calcium and vitamin A while using no artificial coloring.

Chef Devina Hermawan uttered, “Now, we’re seeing increasingly diverse home-made dishes, and families are becoming more creative in making simple, delicious, and delectable dishes. Cheese is also getting more attention, with it increasingly being used at home for cakes, snacks, and main dishes. I've even seen moms with children use cheese to enrich the taste and make their meals more delicious to help boost the children’s appetite. As a consumer who has been using Anchor for a long time, I am delighted with the launch of Anchor Cheddar Cheese as it brings the quality of New Zealand cow's milk ingredients that I trust in the form of cheddar cheese, complete with its milky and savory taste. Without the need for superb talent in cooking, home cooks and bakers can mix and match Anchor Cheddar Cheese in various dishes."

Meisya Siregar said, "When cooking at home, we definitely want food that has simple ingredients, guaranteed quality, and excellent taste. These are the three aspects I pay the most attention to when grocery shopping: are the ingredients compatible with various foods; are the ingredients good and nutritious, especially for my kids; and do they taste good? This Anchor Cheddar Cheese answers all my needs. Moreover, with its savory taste and block shape, the cheese can be grated, sliced, or even cut into other shapes according to preference. The versatility gives me more ideas for my next dish.”

As a cooperative of more than 9,000 farming families from New Zealand, the launch of Anchor Cheddar Cheese affirms Fonterra's continuous commitment to empowering the community and sharing the goodness of New Zealand cow's milk with millions of Indonesians across generations. Now, Anchor Cheddar Cheese is available in a package of 150 grams at the nearest supermarkets and minimarkets. The product can also be purchased through the online marketplace by visiting the Fonterra Official Store at Tokopedia, Shopee, and Lazada.