For over a century, we’ve been collecting and unlocking the goodness of New Zealand milk, and today, we share it with millions of people across South East Asia. 

We believe that food and nutrition are essential to sustain us today and for future generations to thrive.

Every day our local teams across 8 markets work hard to deliver the world’s best dairy nutrition to South East Asia, and we’ve been following through on this commitment for decades. We do this via our Consumer brands, Food Service and Ingredients business, all with the Goodness of NZ milk.

Our markets


Thanks to our grass-fed, pasture-based farming practices, Fonterra's New Zealand farmers are already amongst the world's most emissions-efficient dairy producers.

We want farming in Aotearoa New Zealand to continue for generations to come, and in order to do so we know we need to farm in a way that helps to protect and regenerate our environment. 

Caring for Communities

We’re investing in the future of our communities by sharing what we do best and building farming capability in key emerging dairy markets.

Dairy Nutrition

We believe that our sustainable dairy goodness from New Zealand provides vital nutrition that will help people lead better lives.

Which is why we take great care of every drop of milk, each step of the way. It’s our dedication and care that enables us to produce safe, high-quality nutrition, and our ingenuity that gives us the ability to unlock more of the potential of milk.

The things we make

We’re home to some of South East Asia’s favourite dairy brands.

When you choose our products, you can trust that you'll enjoy some of the world's finest dairy for all stages of life. Trusted Goodness™ is our promise to South East Asia and the world that what we’re providing is a world-class product from New Zealand.