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Grass Roots Fund continues supporting communities 

  • March 12, 2017
  • 1 min read

Fonterra Grass Roots Fund is an annual programme that helps great ideas and communities flourish. The Fund’s grants support projects and ideas that enrich our local communities, because without them we couldn’t supply New Zealand’s best dairy to the world.

In fact, our dairy is enjoyed by hundreds of millions of people in 140 countries, making us the largest dairy exporter in the world - proving that with strong roots, you can achieve anything.

Find out more about the initiatives the Fonterra Grass Roots Fund supports – download the latest Fonterra Grass Roots Fund Update.

You can also read more about the cows suppling the Fonterra milk and about the Grass fed standards.

If you’ve got a project or idea for your community that needs a bit of help getting off the ground, you can apply here. Applications close 31st August 2015.

Check out what else Fonterra Grass Roots Fund has been a sponsoring in other local communities – like us on Facebook.