The secret is out…


Our secret is out…. the rumours are true…. we’ve made our most delicious ice cream yet.

It’s the moment Kiwis have been waiting for– the best New Zealand ice cream combined with the best New Zealand chocolate. 

Delicious creamy ice cream is something Kiwi’s love and one of the things we look for is delicious smooth chocolate to go with it.

This partnership between two proud Kiwi companies is like hokey and pokey, they just make sense together.

When it comes to ice cream, Tip Top is one of the few manufacturers that use only fresh cream and milk. Whittaker’s is the only major chocolate maker in New Zealand that ensures quality from bean to bar, by controlling the whole manufacturing process. The ice cream is free of artificial colours and flavours and both businesses are 100 per cent committed to being Palm Oil free – that’s something neither will compromise on.

So what could be a more perfect indulgence than creamy Tip Top ice cream covered with Whittaker’s chocolate?

With three delicious flavours to choose from it will be hard to resist our Vanilla and Cashew Praline, Coffee and Cacao or Chocolate and Pretzel.

With an ice cream as delicious as this, it’s hard to be dainty about it – you will get a bit messy while eating it.  Don’t worry about the chocolate that catches the side of your mouth or the ice cream on your chin. Enjoy Tip Top Whittaker’s in all its messy, glory as you create a #happimess

The next time you’re at your local store, check out the freezer and indulge yourself with no regrets.
Tip Top Whittaker's Chocolate and Pretzel Ice Cream
Tip Top Whittaker's Vanilla and Cashew Praline Ice Cream
Tip Top Whittaker's Coffee and Cacao Ice Cream