22 Years of Growth and Learning at Fonterra


Meet Jamie Vou, the passionate Facilities Manager at Clandeboye, who has dedicated 22 years of his career to Fonterra.

His journey serves as a powerful testament to the company's unwavering commitment to individual development.

Jamie’s story showcases the diverse opportunities and supportive environment the Co-op offers.

A Journey of Learning and Development

Over two decades with Fonterra, Jamie has seized various learning and development opportunities, from Temp to Advanced Operator training to earning a Diploma in Manufacturing Management. Fondly recalling experiences like People Wellness & Development Coaching and a transformative supplier visit to Germany, Jamie values these moments for broadening his perspective. Despite the intensity of some programmes, they ultimately opened doors to new possibilities.

Progressing Through Diverse Roles

Jamie's career trajectory at Clandeboye reflects his dedication and thirst for continuous learning. Starting as a Temp L3b Operator, he steadily climbed the ranks to his current role as Site Facilities Manager. Along the way, he has held a range of positions, including Advanced Operator, Supervisor, Facilitator, Process Manager, Project Lead, and IWS Line Lead. Currently navigating his role as Facilities Manager, Jamie embraces the varied responsibilities and finds joy in leading a passionate team. Looking back, he takes pride in his 22 years, cherishing the friendships and experiences accumulated over the years.

Overcoming Challenges, Pursuing Passions, and Setting Goals

Jamie's journey is marked by a commitment to overcoming challenges, pursuing passions, and setting goals. Emphasising the importance of seeking guidance, Jamie believes in reaching out to experts when faced with new roles and challenges. His passion for people, positive cultures, and standard work structures shines through both at work and in his personal life. Whether spending time with his family, cycling with his wife, cooking, or coaching rowing, Jamie's well-rounded life reflects his dedication beyond the workplace. His current career goal is to excel in his new role and foster a positive and supportive team environment.

Advice for Aspiring Employees

For those aspiring to follow in his footsteps, Jamie offers valuable advice: "Don't take the 'simple things' for granted." He encourages aspiring employees to appreciate the complex systems supporting our daily lives and emphasises the importance of curiosity and seeking help when needed.

Reflecting on the Unexpected Journey

Jamie expresses surprise at his own longevity at Fonterra, highlighting the positive experiences and opportunities the company has provided. His story embodies the value of continuous learning, embracing challenges, and building a fulfilling career at Fonterra.