Laura Anderson, Global Head of Nutrition at Fonterra

Laura Anderson is the Global Head of Nutrition at Fonterra. 

She is a nutrition professional with over 20 year’s global experience providing nutrition expertise and leadership across multiple business functions within the food industry.

With experience across a number of significant multi-national businesses, including Unilever, Laura’s current role as Fonterra’s Global Head of Nutrition has her responsible for leading Fonterra’s nutrition identity and strategy which includes how we communicate, govern and engage with stakeholders in regards to nutrition. Laura joined Fonterra in 2015, starting as a Senior Nutritionist working closely with our brands. She moved into the Global Head of Nutrition role at the start of 2021, where she thrives in the cross-functional environment and enjoys championing our sustainable dairy nutrition story and how we advocate for it.

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Discover a collection of Laura Anderson's featured articles, offering insights into the latest in nutrition and dairy.

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