Julian Mellentin, Director at New Nutrition Business

Julian Mellentin is a Food Beverage Nutrition & Health Expert.

Julian Mellentin is the founder of New Nutrition Business, a company dedicated to providing strategic and marketing insights to the global health and nutrition business since 1995.

Julian Mellentin is one of the few world experts in the business of food, nutrition and health. A brand marketer in his past life, Julian is co-author of The Functional Foods Revolution, the first-ever book on the business of functional foods, and The Food & Health Marketing Handbook.

A graduate of Oxford University, he began his career as a marketer and has since lived and worked in most countries in Europe, as well as in Hong Kong and New Zealand.

New Nutrition Business has offices in London, Scotland, France, USA and affiliates in South Korea and Japan. They work with a range of customers, from global players to start-ups, from grower groups to scientific research organisations.

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