NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder wins customer approval


NZMP’s new Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder is proving a big hit with manufacturers and consumers around the world. Sales for the top-quality instant whole milk powder have been climbing since its launch, as consumers lap up the ingredient’s fresh, consistent quality and rich, creamy taste.

Fonterra’s Chief Operating Officer NZMP Kelvin Wickham said that NZMP, Fonterra’s dairy ingredients business, is delighted with the enthusiastic market response to its Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder.

“During the development of the Gold ingredient, we carried out extensive research with consumers in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Algeria to find out what qualities consumers most value in a milk powder.

 “Our customers and their consumers told us that they want a milk powder that dissolves quickly and consistently in water, retains its freshness and doesn’t leave a residue at the bottom of the glass.”

Mr Wickham said that as a result of the feedback, NZMP invested over two years of research and testing to develop a milk powder that meets, if not exceeds consumer expectations.

“We have developed a premium quality ingredient that consistently reaches the highest standards – in our opinion it is the gold standard of instant whole milk powders. It looks great, dissolves quickly and tastes really nice.”

Mr Wickham said that although the milk powder is sold in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa, its origins are firmly in New Zealand.

“The ingredient was developed and tested at Fonterra’s Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North. This Centre is one of the largest research facilities in the world dedicated to dairy and our scientists carried out over 3000 tests before we were satisfied that NZMP Gold Instant Whole Milk Powder met all our criteria for a top-performing ingredient.”

The milk powder is made from milk from grass-fed New Zealand cows and NZMP also carefully selected Fonterra manufacturing plants around New Zealand that were capable of consistently producing the premium ingredient said Mr Wickham.  

NZMP is a global leader in the milk powder market, delivering consumer milk powder solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands.