Latest on North Island milk withdrawal


We’ve have had a number of customers in the lower North Island contact us about the taste of their Anchor and Dairy Dale dark blue top milk.  While there’s no problem with the safety of the milk, we’ve found there’s a quality issue limited to a few batches with Best Before dates 22-27 June.

We’ve removed the dark blue top milk we know to be affected from stores and our supply chain - and replacement stock is on the shelves. 

An investigation into the cause of the unusual tasting milk clearly points to it being a feed issue.  At this time of year, when grass levels are low, cows are sometimes fed supplemental winter feeds like silage, beets or brassica (e.g. turnips, swedes). When cows consume too much of this feed it can have an impact on the taste of the milk they produce.

Customers who are concerned about the quality of their purchase should return it to the store they bought it from, or can contact the Fonterra Customer Care team on 0800262467 (Option 2).