Fonterra tankers get a school milk makeover


From this week, Fonterra drivers will be hitting the roads in 14 brand new Fonterra Milk for Schools themed tankers. Fonterra Tanker Driver, Jess Drewet, says the team is excited to get behind the new wheels.

“Not only are these completely new vehicles, they are displaying something of which our team is really proud. When you drive as much as we do, you get quite attached to your tanker, and the team can’t wait to get out on the roads and show the new ones off,” says Mr Drewet. 

Fonterra maintains its tankers by regularly servicing and upgrading them, ensuring they are as safe, and environmentally and economically efficient as possible. Each year, the Co-operative evaluates its fleet and milk collection operations to see if any tankers need to be retired and any new ones built. 

Fonterra General Manager National Transport & Logistics, Barry McColl, says: “The safety of our tanker fleet, including that of our drivers and other road users, is the number one priority of our milk collection team. To achieve the high level of safety that we do, we need top of the line vehicles. 

“To develop the graphics we worked with New Zealand company Origami. We wanted something that works well with our existing tanker designs and has the highest visibility for other road users. The designs are the equivalent of high-vis vests for tankers, making them stand out during all hours of the day and night.

“In addition to the safety aspects, Fonterra tankers are Kiwi icons. We receive a lot of great tanker drawings and feedback from kids around the country, so we wanted to make sure the new design would live up to their expectations,” Mr McColl said. 

Mr Drewet says that while safety comes first, getting across a message the drivers are proud of is important as well. 

“Designing the tankers involves many people – first and foremost being the drivers. While we aren’t design experts, we’re the ones out and about 24 hours a day. 

“Along with some of my colleagues, I’ve worked closely on creating the design. As you’ll see we’ve made it all about the children – we wanted to highlight the importance of Kiwi kids to the future success of our country and Co-op. 

“And we wanted to remind Kiwis about the journey of milk and the many people involved in making Fonterra Milk for Schools happen. It all starts with our farmers who get up each morning to supply the milk that makes everything we do possible.

“From there, we transport that milk to our sites around the country, testing for quality at every step of the way. Our team of tanker drivers are world-class and we’re honoured to be part of Fonterra Milk for Schools and excited to see the new tankers on roads around New Zealand,” Mr Drewet says.