Guiding the Way: Tom Watson's Eight-Year Journey Leading Teams at Clandeboye 


Introducing Tom Watson, a dedicated Team Manager at Fonterra's Clandeboye Transport Depot, bringing eight years of experience to the role. 

His professional journey stands as evidence of Fonterra's dedication to continuous learning and development, offering valuable perspectives for those contemplating a career in transport logistics.

Tom actively pursues growth opportunities, having completed courses like "Leadership Essentials" that focus on coaching and development rather than a rigid structure. 

These programmes have equipped him with essential skills in prioritisation, reflection, and self-improvement, crucial tools for effective leadership.r.

Ascending the Ranks

Starting as a temporary tanker operator, Tom steadily climbed the ranks, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and persevering through challenges. His journey has cultivated resilience and empathy, shaping him into a well-rounded leader. Facing complexities in people management and adapting to new systems, Tom credits his success to past experiences, acquired skills, and the exceptional support network within Fonterra. Collaborative efforts with teams like HR, ER, and OHN have been instrumental in overcoming hurdles.

Beyond the Workplace

Outside of leading his team, Tom's passion lies in transport technologies and knowledge sharing. Family is a priority, and he takes immense pride in his children's achievements. Tom aspires to contribute to Fonterra's success by focusing on effective people management and talent acquisition.

A Path for All

Tom encourages exploring the diverse career opportunities Fonterra offers, spanning logistics, healthcare, and beyond. He emphasizes the company's commitment to supporting employee growth and development, paving the way for a fulfilling career.

Awe and Adaptation

While not surprised by specific aspects, Tom expresses awe at the immense scale of Fonterra's operations. The company's super sites, like Clandeboye, can process massive daily milk volumes. He acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of the business, recognizing continual adaptation as necessary to stay competitive.

Collaboration and Celebration

Fostering team spirit, Tom conducts frequent meetings, including daily briefings, weekly management meetings, and monthly union and H&S sessions. Collaboration extends beyond his team, with daily calls connecting South Island depots and participation in fleet services meetings. Successes are celebrated through team BBQs and a monthly fuel-efficiency competition. Informal gatherings outside of work further strengthen team bonds.

Tom's story embodies the spirit of continuous learning, perseverance, and leadership at Fonterra. His journey provides valuable insights for individuals seeking a dynamic and rewarding career in transport logistics within the company's supportive and collaborative environment.