South Bloc Refurbishment Smashes Targets 


This week marks the official opening of Fonterra’s new office in Hamilton South Bloc.

With sustainability a strategic priority for the Co-operative finding a way to reduce waste from the fit out was an important part of the project and brief to Livingstone Building.

The goal was that 75% of waste be diverted from landfill. 

At the completion of the project the final diversion rate was an impressive 88.5%, outperforming other projects of a similar nature. More than 18 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill, including close to 11 tonnes of demolition waste. 

Efforts included recycling and donating cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, and carpet tiles, and collaborating with a previous client to incorporate internal glass walls and doors into a circular waste stream. Used plasterboard was also diverted for gypsum (sulphate-based mineral) recovery through the efforts of Livingstone’s Sustainability Lead.

The project overcame challenges such as noise management, access constraints, and no external laydown area to sort waste. To minimise disruption, demolition noise was scheduled for night-time hours, and waste removal was facilitated by removing a barrier on an external balcony and erecting a scaffolded platform.

This project highlights the Co-op’s commitment to sustainability and innovative waste management in complex scenarios. 

Kudos to the Livingstone team for their exemplary work and dedication to waste diversion excellence.

Explore the new South Bloc Office space below.