Maher Fuad, Health & Nutrition Science Manager at Fonterra Research and Development Centre (FRDC)

Maher Fuad , Health & Nutrition Science Manager at FRDC.

Maher Fuad is a medical doctor specialising in public health and mental health. He drives innovation in mental health through nutritional solutions at FRDC.

With expertise in study design, biostatistics, and mental health research, Maher focuses on prevention-oriented approaches and accessible treatments. His belief in the power of education and affordability drives his work, making him a thought leader in the field. Maher's collaboration opportunities include research advancements, product formulation, and partnerships for promoting mental well-being through nutrition.

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Mental Wellness through Diet

Join Maher Fuad, Health & Nutrition Science Manager at Fonterra's R&D Centre, as he explores the vital connection between diet and mental well-being.

Dairy's Impact on Mental Well-Being

Discover the role of calcium in enhancing mental health and the potential impact of higher B vitamin intake on cognitive decline.

Research: The Empower Study

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Broad-spectrum phospholipids reduce stress in healthy adults

In collaboration with teams from The University of Auckland and the University of Otago, Dr. Fuad ran a 12-week clinical trial aimed at investigating the effects of phospholipid supplementation via MFGM source on mental well-being in healthy adults facing moderate stress.

The link between milk and mental wellbeing

What makes milk so special? It’s not only naturally nutrient-dense and delicious, it also contains a unique combination of fats that help to give milk its creaminess.