Annette Yiu, Nutrition and Regulatory Specialist at Fonterra


Annette Yiu is a Nutrition and Regulatory Specialist.

Annette Yiu is a Dietitian with extensive experience in clinical nutrition and the food industry, and was a clinician for more than 10 years in hospitals and community health in a wide variety of clinical areas including Paediatrics, Diabetes, Oncology and Aged Care.

She has 15 years of experience working in food industry as a corporate nutritionist, and joined Fonterra Australia in December 2020 as a Nutrition and Regulatory Specialist.

Annette enjoys sharing her nutrition knowledge and insights, as well as translating nutrition and food science into business opportunities.

She is also an aspiring farmer and apiarist, with a little farm down on the Victorian coast in Australia, and hopes to expand her understanding on how nutrition, agriculture and sustainability interconnect.

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The Cheese Matrix

In this video, Annette Yiu highlights the unique blend of nutrients, both macronutrients and micronutrients that make up the cheese matrix.

Mythbusting Cheese

Discover why the stigma around cheese as an unhealthy food is being reconsidered. Annette Yiu explains why viewing cheese as more than just its saturated fat and salt content is crucial.

Cheese Benefits for Teeth

Annette Yiu reveals how cheese, packed with nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and casein, can protect your teeth and lower the risk of decay.

The History of Cheese

Learn about the rich history of cheese, a timeless culinary treasure enjoyed across cultures. With diverse flavors and textures, cheese is not just a daily dietary choice but a versatile ingredient, adding texture, taste, and flavor to every meal.

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