So what is NPS?

The NPS is an index ranging from -100 to +100 that measures the willingness of Candidates and/or Hiring Managers to recommend the services provided to others.

How is it measured?

As the intention of a NPS score is to provide a customer’s overall satisfaction. The survey consists of a single question regarding performance of the service delivered: 

“How likely is it you would recommend the services of the Fonterra Recruitment Team to a colleague or a friend on a scale of 1-10”.


Giving a score of:

9-10 indicates you are a promoter or you would recommend the service provided

7-8 indicates whilst you may be satisfied with the service, you would neither recommend or not recommend it

1-6 indicates that you feel negatively or would not recommend the service provided.

To calculate the NPS, the percentage of those in the 1-6 group is subtracted from the percentage of those in the 9-10 group.  The overall score is then calculated to gauge overall satisfaction. 

To gather this feedback, we will survey hiring managers and candidates monthly via an invitation sent by email. The email will come from our third-party technology partner, ConfirmIt who distribute the survey on our behalf.

What are we doing with the results?

Feedback is important to us!  We review all the comments (positive and negative) to help us improve our recruitment experience.