Meet Kendyll Blissett

Apprentice Electrician 
Tell us about your current role and a key project you have led or been involved with that you're proud of. 

Being apart of the Maintenance team at Lichfield site, two days are never alike. There is a diverse range of work across all sites to keep everyone on their toes. As Maintenance Electrician’s we focus on carrying out preventive maintenance on equipment to ensure reliability and enhance efficiency on our plants. When this isn’t possible, we use our fault finding and problem-solving skills when attending breakdowns to swiftly get the process back up and running. I take pride in being resolute, not giving up on a challenge and thinking outside the square to accomplish the task at hand. 

How did the Fonterra apprenticeship programme set you up for success in your career? 

By undertaking an apprenticeship with Fonterra, I am equipped and supported with all the tools, needed to engage in my chosen field. Provided with a basic start out tool kit, an encouraging network of support people and a great work/life balance. An electrical apprenticeship consists of both, on job and off job learning. The mix of night class theory sessions at ETCO and on-the-job tasks provide a comprehensive learning experience. It's the perfect blend of theory and practical application to cement my learning. My on-job assessments require exposure to domestic, commercial, and industrial applications, Fonterra are understanding and allow me off site to gain the experience I need. 

"I am doing domestic, commercial and industrial work so I am quite lucky that Fonterra farm me out to other companies to do some of the work required. You are doing something with a purpose, for a purpose."

What surprised you about working at Fonterra?

Stepping into the world of Fonterra, I was surprised by all the support and opportunities I’ve already had in my career. The cooperative spirit is evident throughout the company. Networking is a tool I’ve learnt to utilize positively, it’s not what you know but who! In areas I lack knowledge, there’s always someone who knows more and is willing to pass it on. 

Where do you see yourself going from here at Fonterra?

Personally, I am a ‘go with the flow’ kind of gal. However, I’d like to find myself staying on the tools after completing my apprenticeship; as that’s when the learning really starts. Continuing to promote and support future apprentices and contribute to breaking stereotypes about women in trades. In due course, implementing my interpersonal skills in leadership roles. Fonterra's dedication to career development is encouraging and I'm excited about the opportunities ahead within the company. 

What surprised you about working at Fonterra?

One pleasant surprise was the collaborative and supportive environment at Fonterra. Despite the size of the organization, there's a strong sense of teamwork. I was also pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on professional development and the wealth of opportunities available, both locally and internationally.

Where do you see yourself going from here at Fonterra?

My goal is to continue advancing within Fonterra, taking on more leadership roles in process management and optimization. I'm keen on exploring international opportunities and contributing to Fonterra's global impact. The dynamic nature of the dairy industry offers a plethora of avenues for growth, and I'm excited to be a part of it.