Meet Eddie Craig

Energy Centre Trainee
Tell us about your current role and a key project you have led or been involved with that you're proud of. 

As an Energy Centre trainee at Fonterra's Te Rapa site, my role is incredibly varied, spanning treated water, steam generation, electricity, refrigeration, and compressed air to maintain site operations. One project I'm proud of is optimizing the energy efficiency of our utilities, contributing to sustainability goals while keeping the production plant running smoothly.

How did the Fonterra apprenticeship set you up for success in your career? 

After completing my four-year Level 4 mechanical engineering apprenticeship, I returned to Fonterra as a mechanical engineer. The graduate program presented an opportunity to transition into the Energy Centre through a traineeship. Undertaking my Energy Chemical Processing certificate as part of the program has deepened my understanding of operating an energy plant, providing a solid foundation for my current role.

"There is such a range of experienced people you get to work with. I am grateful to have gone through my apprenticeship here and there are so many learning pathways available with Fonterra."

What surprised you about working at Fonterra?

One delightful surprise has been the extent of support and perks Fonterra provides its staff. From well-structured shift patterns fostering a healthy work/life balance to comprehensive training and certifications at no cost, Fonterra truly values its employees. The diversity of experienced professionals I get to work with daily has also been a positive surprise.

Where do you see yourself going from here at Fonterra?

My goal is to continue advancing within Fonterra, taking on more responsibilities in energy management and sustainability initiatives. I'm keen on furthering my expertise in cutting-edge technologies within the energy sector. Fonterra offers numerous learning pathways, and I'm excited to explore those avenues for professional growth.