Energy use and Fonterra


We’re committed to reducing environmental impacts across our operations through new technology, and optimising our energy mix towards cleaner, more efficient forms of energy.

We’re investigating options for cleaner burning, more efficient energy sources. It’s a key part of our energy strategy, and include our recent trials of Miscanthus (a bio-energy crop) and assessing technologies that allow us to co-fire biomass in a number of our newer plants. 

Constantly monitoring our footprint

We measure our performance based on energy intensity per tonne of product, and set the standard within the New Zealand dairy sector based on this metric. 

Despite expansion across our manufacturing plants to keep pace with rising New Zealand milk volumes, we have delivered year-on-year improvement in energy intensity resulting in a 16% reduction in energy intensity since 2003. 

Coal in manufacturing

Coal is used by a third of Fonterra’s manufacturing sites – the majority in the South Island where we do not have the option of using natural gas.

Our focus is on the responsible management of our coal operations, the efficient use of the coal resource, and on advancing our options for alternative or complementary energy sources.

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