Fonterra Research and Development Centre

The Fonterra Research and Development Centre (FRDC) is one of the largest research facilities in the world dedicated to dairy. It is home to around 100 PhD qualified scientists, technologists and engineers, many of whom are the world’s leading experts in dairy science.

Since 1927, FRDC has established an unrivalled reputation for revealing new applications from milk, allowing Fonterra to remain on the cutting-edge of dairy innovation, processing, and the development of new applications for dairy.

FRDC is complemented by innovation centres in Amsterdam, Chicago, China and Melbourne, all of which partner with customers to formulate dairy solutions that enhance existing products and bring innovative new products to consumers.


The development of separation and extraction technologies to create new milk protein ingredients such as ClearProtein™ has opened up many opportunities for products made with dairy ingredients.

Another FRDC innovation is PowerProtein™ 515WPC – a breakthrough ingredient with unique textural properties for bars. PowerProtein™ 515WPC is a highly functional dairy protein that can be incorporated into different bar components such as binders, caramels, nougats, and dough layers to deliver high quality protein with great taste and texture.


  • Employs 400 people
  • Innovative products include cheese starter technology, spreadable butter, Anlene, DR10™ and DR20™ probiotics, and ‘instant mozzarella’