Casein and Caseinates

We manufacture both acid casein and rennet casein. We use the acid casein to make caseinates.


Acid casein is produced by the controlled acidification of pure, pasteurised skim milk to pH 4.6. Acidification is achieved by adding a mineral acid or through lactic fermentation. 

Rennet casein is produced by the controlled precipitation of casein from pure, pasteurised skim milk through the action of microbial rennet enzymes.

Casein is suitable for making nutritional foods and processed cheese. Casein also has a long history of use in non-food applications such as paper and cardboard coating, adhesives, leather tanning and plastics.


Caseinates are highly functional proteins, suitable for a wide variety of applications including nutritional foods and beverages, food bars, soups, sauces, whipped toppings, bakery products and cultured foods.