What this emissions approach means for farmers

Caring for the land today, so that the land cares for us tomorrow.
When it comes to reducing on-farm emissions, we are building on a strong position. This is thanks to New Zealand's natural advantages, like our pasture-based system, combined with farmers' efforts to be as efficient as possible.

It’s going to take ongoing action to maintain this position and keep our competitive edge. Having an on-farm emissions target is an important part of keeping our Co-op resilient for the future. It will help us secure and retain high value customers and enable the Co-op to meet regulatory requirements and access finance.

Find out what this emissions reduction approach means for farmers below. We explore the challenge we face, why we need an on-farm emissions target and how we can work with farmers to achieve it. It’s intended to be a practical guide reflecting best practice and the latest science and covers a range of potential on-farm actions, some of which farners may already have underway. 

This is an interactive version of our 'What this emissions approach means for us' booklet. If this doesn't load due to connectivity issues, please download the booklet below or head in store to pick up a printed copy.  There is also an Overview and FAQ guide available here.


What this emissions approach means for us (on-farm booklet)


Overview and FAQ guide