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Exploring How Probiotics Could Boost Mental Health on Pink Shirt Day

Mental health is increasingly recognised as a major global concern. There's a growing interest in understanding how our diet, including probiotics, might influence our mental well-being.

May 17, 2024


Innovation the key for growth in China 

We’ve been providing nutritious and high-quality dairy products to customers and consumers for more than 50 years, and the opportunity for further growth in China is significant.

May 14, 2024


Advancing infant health

Fonterra's research and development efforts, particularly in MFGM lipids, are driving significant advancements in infant nutrition and cognitive health.

January 18, 2024


Unlocking Next Generation Protein Enhancement 

Fonterra's breakthrough whey protein concentrate revolutionises cultured products.

November 09, 2023


Fonterra's Probiotics redefine gut, brain, and skin health 

Fonterra has long been at the forefront of innovation in dairy science and nutrition. At the heart of this innovation lies the Fonterra Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

October 17, 2023


Fast-tracking probiotic potential

Fonterra is taking another step in leveraging its expertise in probiotics by partnering with APC Microbiome Ireland, a world-leading Science Foundation Ireland research centre that is focused on harnessing the power of the microbiome for the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

October 03, 2023


Broad-spectrum phospholipids reduce stress in healthy adults

Dr. Maher Fuad, a well-respected research clinician at the Fonterra Research and Development Centre (FRDC), is preparing to unveil ground breaking discoveries regarding the impact of Nutiani Phospholipids [sourced from milk fat globule membrane (MFGM)] supplementation on psychological well-being.

June 14, 2023


Why is butter yellow? 

We answer all your important butter-related questions. Why is butter from New Zealand yellow? The yellow-orange colour of New Zealand butter is perfectly natural. A natural pigment, beta-carotene, provides this yellow colour.

May 03, 2023


Digestive wellness and the power of probiotics

Our gut is often referred to as our second brain. It’s why we get a ‘gut feeling’ about something when we’re making difficult decisions or those butterflies in our stomach when we’re nervous.

April 21, 2023