Meet Tracey Lloyd

Energy Centre Operator and Volunteer Firefighter, Edgecumbe

I’m only a newbie to firefighting really, compared to some of the guys that have served us. I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for 10 and a half years now, but I always think I should’ve done it 20 years ago.

My parents were dairy farmers and I used to drive past the fire station all the time. I always used to look at the fire station and think ‘I should go in there’. And then one day, I finally did.

The sole reason I do it is to help the community that I live in. It's always good to be able to help people. Sometimes, it’s just the small things that we can help people with that make me proud.

It brings a lot of comfort to people, that we’re there to help whether it’s big or small – we could be going to somebody's house because their smoke alarm is beeping, or it could be something bigger like a fire or medical emergency. It's quite rewarding to see they're happy and relieved, to be getting help from somebody.

Fonterra Edgecumbe is right next door to the fire station. There is a great working relationship between Fonterra and the fire brigade. Sometimes you need to take time off to attend Fire Service Training and other things, and they're very happy to accommodate that. It’s a great business to be in for that.

I've been at Fonterra for about 23 years or so now. I changed jobs three years ago, to the energy sector from manufacturing. And it’s the best thing I ever did, there’s always something new to learn and I really enjoy that. I love it."