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Hong Kong market update

  • March 12, 2017
  • 1 min read

Strong start to FY17: creatively reaching consumers in Hong Kong

The Fonterra Brands team in Hong Kong has had a strong start to the 2017 financial year thanks to clever and effective marketing activity for Anlene and Anchor.

The team rolled out one of its largest ever marketing campaigns to drive Anlene brand awareness, taking over hundreds of Hong Kong buses to spread messages about mobility.

Building Anchor’s market position has also been a key focus with the launch of a new Candy Cheese product.

“We’ve been focused on reaching consumers in new ways this year and we are starting to see positive results,” said Manoj Namboodiri, General Manager of Fonterra Brands Hong Kong. “It’s a crowded market in Hong Kong, so we have to think creatively to cut through.”

•    Anlene marketing campaign includes takeover of 500+ city buses
•    Anchor Candy Cheese now available in 220 stores

Anlene hits the road on more than 500 Hong Kong city buses

Anlene’s latest ‘Move as young as you feel inside’ campaign is one of the brand’s biggest marketing pushes to date in Hong Kong. More than 500 city buses have been covered with Anlene branding both on the inside and outside of the vehicles.