Celebrating where our milk goes on World Milk Day


From a long, tall glass of chilled white milk to a decadent cheesecake, from quick meals on the go to milk powders for all life stages, milk produced by Fonterra farmers, healthy cows and New Zealand’s green grass is being consumed everyday by people everywhere.

New Zealand’s milk is proving its value in people’s daily diets all over the world – so let’s give the white stuff some recognition as we celebrate the 16th Annual World Milk Day today.

“The entire world is consuming our milk,“ said Rene Dedoncker, Managing Director, Global Brands & Nutrition.

“Our Fonterra farmers in New Zealand produce approximately 16 billion litres of milk yearly and because of our small domestic market, we export around 95 per cent of that milk as dairy ingredients or as consumer and foodservice products. At peak, we are closing the door on a container of dairy exports out of New Zealand every three minutes,” he said.

Fonterra dairy products, including powders, cheese, butter and specialty ingredients are shipped to more than 100 markets worldwide including the eight key markets of Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

“Milk is one of nature’s original super foods packed with fifteen essential vitamins and minerals, including a large dose of calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong,” said Mr Dedoncker.

“Our milk from our farmers in New Zealand is being enjoyed by consumers all over the world in an amazing variety of formats and uses,” he said.

Here are just some of the ways that our milk is consumed around the world:

  • Chances are if you are eating a pizza in China, Asia or the Middle East, you are eating our mozzarella. In fact, more than half of all the pizza’s sold in China use Fonterra cheese. Clandeboye’s mozzarella plant in South Canterbury runs 24 hours a day, making enough cheese to top 300 million pizzas a year for our global markets.
  • In China, 50 per cent of the cheesecakes gobbled up by the world’s most populous nation contain Fonterra’s cream cheese – made in the mighty Waikato at Te Rapa.
  • China’s casual dining and bakery market has developed rapidly in recent years, with an annual growth rate above 20 per cent. We supply foodservice products under the Anchor Professional brand to bakeries, restaurants, hotels, cafes and fast food restaurants in more than 40 cities across China.
  •  Anlene is Fonterra’s key mobility brand in China and is available in over 4,000 stores across China; Anchor products are available in more than 200 cities and online via China’s major e-commerce platforms such as T-mall.com, JD.com and Yihaodian.com; and Anmum, our leading maternal and paediatric brand is available in more than 3,000 stores in China. 
  •  If you are buying powdered milk in Ethiopia, chances are you are buying our oldest brand Anchor. Anchor Milk Drink is the fastest growing consumer milk powder in this rapid growing market and is specially formulated with more than 30 nutrients to provide Ethiopians with affordable, high quality nutrition. Inexpensive 32 gram single-serve sachets are being purchased by children at convenience stores rather than sweet treats. With close to 100 million people in Ethiopia, this is making a world of difference to the nutrition of these growing youngsters. Milk powder is shipped from Fonterra’s Te Awamutu site through the Port of Tauranga, to Djibouti where it is then blended and packed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Consumers in Azerbaijan really know the taste of our butter, cooking with it to enhance the taste of their Azeri cuisine. But it’s not just any Anchor butter they are after. They particularly love the colour, aroma and taste of butter from our Whareroa site – so much so that they even know the factory code number which is printed on each pack, and check to make sure they are getting Whareroa made butter.
  • In Malaysia our Anlene range of specially enriched milk has been focused on improving people’s health and mobility for more than twenty years. Over the past ten years Anlene conducted more than 1.4 million bone health scans – that’s equivalent to scanning the entire population of Auckland.
  • In Thailand, you’ll find our cream and cheese products in new food snacks that Thais love to eat such as Carbonara Danish sandwiches and Grilled Double Cheese sandwiches. Sold at 7-Eleven convenience stores across the country the products are flying off the shelves with more than 45,000 packs sold every day.\
  • We supply enough butter to Indonesia each year to make 200 million buns, if you piled them all up that would be the equivalent of more than 90,000 Sky Towers stacked on top of each other
  • At home in New Zealand, since it launched its “Fonterra Milk For Schools” programme in 2013, more than 50 million cartons of Anchor UHT milk have been distributed to 70 per cent of primary schools. Every week 170,000 Kiwi primary school children enjoy the goodness of dairy helping to ensure they get their daily dose of dairy vitamins and minerals.


These are just some examples of how Fonterra farmers’ milk is enjoyed around the world. You can follow Fonterra’s World Milk Day celebrations at Fonterra.com, Facebook, Instagram and on Twitter using the hashtags #DairyforLife and #WorldMilkDay. You can also participate by sharing a photo of yourself enjoying Fonterra’s dairy products, no matter where you are in the world.

World Milk Day is a day established by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food. It has been observed on June 1st each year since 2001. The day is intended to provide an opportunity to bring attention to activities that are connected with the milk industry.

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