Meet Roger and Jane Hutchings


They were called out for being a couple of the many who contribute to the goodness of dairy in our TV ad, but Northland farmers Roger and Jane Hutchings are giving even more than milk back to New Zealand.

Their Okaihau property is home to a budding population of kiwis that are protected by a community group made up of the Hutchings, other neighbouring farmers and the regional council.

Roger says it’s unique to have kiwis in their own backyard. “At the end of a long day, hearing a kiwi in the bush next to you lifts your spirit. It gives you a warm fuzzy I guess.”

Unsurprisingly the Hutchings were supreme winners at the Northland Ballance Environment Awards in 2014.

Watch how many Kiwis thrive in habitat made by the Hutchings.

Many Kiwis thrive in habitat made by the Hutchings