Jeremy Hill appointed Adjunct Professor at Massey University


We welcome the Riddet Institute’s prestigious appointment of Jeremy Hill as an Adjunct Professor at Massey University in recognition of his professional achievements in dairy science and technology and his leadership qualities.

With a 30-year career in the dairy sector, Jeremy is committed to advocating globally on the vital role dairy plays in nutrition and sustainable development.

Judith Swales, our Chief Operating Officer Velocity & Innovation, says this appointment recognises Jeremy’s continuing contribution to the global dairy sector.

“Throughout his career with Fonterra, including his current role as our Chief Science and Technology Officer, Jeremy has actively championed the benefits of sustainable nutrition,” says Judith.

To-date, he’s the only Kiwi to have been elected as the President and Chairman of the International Dairy Federation and on behalf of the global dairy sector, he co-signed the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN.

“Jeremy’s passionate about the role food must play in enabling global sustainability – and the opportunity for New Zealand to take a leading role in this.

“Since he was a PhD student in the UK, Jeremy has had a close relationship with Massey University – and in fact, it was the appeal of Massey that attracted him to move from the UK to NZ to complete his post-doctoral research.

“It’s great that in addition to continuing his role with us, he’ll work closely with the Riddet Institute and Massey University. Jeremy will help mentor New Zealand’s future food science leaders and apply his knowledge and experience broadly across our agri-food sector,” says Judith.