How two simple words are bringing our Purpose, Values and Strategy to life


Last year we introduced our new purpose and strategy.

Since then we’ve made changes to how we’re organised and moved from two big global businesses to three regional, customer-led businesses. We’ve continued to sell some businesses that aren’t core to our strategy. And this month we introduced two new words to our business – Good Together.

The latter may sound trivial to some but we’re pretty excited about them. They bring our purpose, values and strategy together under one umbrella idea of ‘Good Together’.

We want our people to always be asking – how can I be true to our purpose, live our values and deliver to our strategy? If we’re all doing this, we believe we’ll be Good Together and this will see us be more successful and, ultimately, help our farmers and customers be more successful.

Good Together describes a simple, uncomplicated idea or, as some are calling it, a philosophy. But if we can do it, we’ll unlock our most precious and valuable asset we have – our people, our teams. The two words will move from paper to action and will play a big role in helping us achieve our goals of Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Healthy Business. 

On a call our leaders had recently, they talked about how collaboration, teamwork and empowerment can improve a team’s performance by 5 or 6x and there aren’t too many business assets that give you that kind of performance improvement. That’s why we’re pretty excited about igniting ‘Good Together’. 

It’s early days but we’re keen to start sharing some insights into how we’re doing it, what we’re learning and the difference it’s making for our people. We’re also keen to learn from others and hear what’s made the biggest difference to your people, teams and farms.