Hats off to Ian Treloar


Fonterra closes a door on a shipping container every three minutes.

And making sure our containers have the right product, the right volumes and the right paper work filled out is Ian Treloar, Fonterra’s Global Supply Chain Integrity Specialist.

Fonterra has recognised Ian’s efforts of the Secure Exports Scheme (SES) and New Zealand exports for a few years now. The SES gives us priority clearance at borders, so we can get access to markets faster, with minimal interruptions. 

Now, New Zealand Customs has officially recognised Ian with the New Zealand Customs Plaque. And it’s worth noting this award is incredibly rare for people outside the Government to receive. 

“I was humbled. Really, really humbled,” says Ian. 

Having been in the role for nine years and retiring come August, Ian attended his last meeting with New Zealand Customs – one he thought was business as usual. 

“I didn’t read the signs. I noticed two guys had joined the meeting and one of them had a whole lot of badges. 

“A man in a suit came and grabbed the uniformed officer and a few minutes later we all had to leave the room. I thought it was some sort of emergency. Turns out the one in the suit was number three in charge, Richard Bargh, who is the General Manager of Revenue and Assurance for Customs and I was receiving an award. 

I felt humbled to get it because really, you’re just doing your job. 

Ian Treloar, Fonterra Global Supply Chain Integrity Specialist

Retelling a story about one of our containers being stopped at the border in Spain, Ian emphasised how important relationships are.

“A container carrying around $150,000 worth of product was stopped at the border because of a broken seal which was damaged in transit. New Zealand Customs reached out to the Spanish authorities and reinforced that the product was safe.

“They went further than they normally would considering it was only one container.” 

Madeleine Belay, Ian’s manager, says Ian’s attention to detail, knowledge, and passion to achieve the best solutions for Fonterra are evident in everything he does.

“We are all incredibly proud of Ian.”

Greg Smith, Chief Customs Officer Secure Export Scheme, says Ian’s contribution far exceeded the scale of any other SES partner. It’s because of Ian’s work that Fonterra continues to have the highest compliance reputation with New Zealand Customs, as well as US Customs and Border Protection and the General Administration for China Customs.

“We appreciate the last nine years working with Ian, which made our role so much easier. We wish Ian well in his retirement and hope this truffle orchard provides him and his ex MPI detector dog, now truffle detector dog, with a plentiful crop.”