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Fonterra is a market leader in dairy nutrition.

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Australia is our largest milk pool outside of New Zealand and home to some of the country's favorite dairy brands.

Australia is our largest milk pool outside of New Zealand and home to seven Fonterra sites.

We know dairy. Our range of market-leading Australian dairy brands offer great tasting, high-quality dairy nutrition for people at all stages of life. We also create high quality, fit-for-purpose products and solutions for foodservice professionals and provide dairy ingredients to many of the world’s leading food companies.

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With a population of 210 million Brazil’s dairy market is an opportunity worth more than USD$26 billion.

Traditonally, Brazilian demand is for milk products like liquid, powdered and flavoured milks, while there's been strong growth in demand for yoghurt and cheese recently.

Mozzarella sales are especially strong, with Sao Paulo said to be the world’s second largest pizza market after New York.

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With more than 20 years in the Chilean dairy industry, Soprole is Fonterra’s oldest offshore investment.

Soprole is a market leader in Chile – and is the best known corporate brand outside of Coca Cola.

In 2008 we increased our shareholding in Soprole to 99.4 per cent, a purchase that allowed us to incorporate the company’s ingredients business into our global network, and strengthen Soprole’s brands, as well as further develop Chile as a source of fresh dairy.

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We're proud to have a strong presence in China, the world’s most populous country and our largest export market.

Our footprint in the Greater China region has grown as the country’s demand for dairy nutrition has risen. We're now one of the leading suppliers of dairy ingredients and foodservice products and also provide nutritious dairy products for Chinese families through our Anchor, Anlene and Anmum brands. Our farms in China produce more than 300 million litres of safe, high quality milk each year. 

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Fonterra has been supplying quality dairy nutrition to Indonesia for more than 36 years.

Indonesia’s large and increasingly affluent population has a fast growing appetite for high-quality dairy nutrition. With local milk production meeting less than a fifth of demand, the country is one of our key global markets.

Today, our nutritious and tasty products nourish Indonesian consumers at every stage of their lives. 

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New Zealand is home to our 10,000 farmer shareholders, and the base for our global operations.

In addition to our leading consumer brands and foodservice business, our work at home is the core of our global dairy ingredients business. With more than 30 manufacturing sites across the country, we process about 16 billion litres of milk every year. We export about 95% of our local production to more than 100 countries. At peak we close the door on a container of dairy exports every three minutes.

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We’ve been providing high quality dairy products to people across Sri Lanka for 40 years. We’re committed to bringing our generations of expertise in New Zealand to Sri Lanka, working hand-in-hand with local farmers, communities and other partners to help local dairying communities thrive.

As well as expanding the market for our milk powder products, we’re also looking at ways to innovate so that we can cater to the growing demand for liquid and chilled dairy products.

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