Healthy cows help us make better milk.

Our cows are part of our family. It’s the care and kindness farmers show their cows that creates our good milk. 

The high health and welfare of New Zealand cows means they live longer, more productive lives. We have low use of antibiotics, and we have some of the lowest somatic cell counts in the world, giving us high quality milk. None of our cows are given hormones to produce extra milk as this activity is banned in New Zealand dairy farming.

Cows are the heart of every dairy farm, and their health and welfare are of paramount importance to us. Outstanding animal husbandry is a source of pride for every farmer. 

We do not tolerate animal abuse. All animals must be treated with care and respect – its non-negotiable. 

We have strict guidelines around the treatment of animals. Farmers supplying us with milk must provide us with records of their animal treatments, antibiotics use, and other animal welfare information. All farms are visited by a vet every year and we do annual Farm Dairy Assessments, where we ask questions about animal health and welfare.  Learn more about our stance on animal welfare below.

Trusted Goodness™

From the natural way we farm, to nourishing our milk with world-class thinking and innovation in nutrition, we treasure every drop of milk. Trusted Goodness™ is our promise to deliver quality milk using our distinctive pastural-based approach to sustainable farming, which is independently certified.

What makes our milk so good

  • Non-GMO Project Standard

  • Grass and Pasture-Fed Standard

  • Cared for Cows Standard

Non-GMO Project Standard

Our milk is free of genetically-modified organisms (GMO). We currently have 42 products verified for Non GMO Project manufacture for sale into the North American market. We also have Non-GMO Project verification of our organic milk supply and associated manufacturing sites.

Grass and Pasture-Fed Standard

Grass is a natural food source for cows, and New Zealand is one of the few places in the world where cows can graze on grass, year-round. Around 96% of our cows’ diet is grass.

To support our grass-fed claim, we developed a Grass and Pasture-Fed Standard that is verified by a third-party. We require cows have access to pasture at least 90% of their time and grass (or grass silage, hay, and forage crops such as legumes and brassicas) making a minimum of 80% of their diet. These are amongst the highest rates in the world.

Cared for Cows Standard

While we already have high standards of animal health and welfare, our independently-certified Cared for Cows Standard means we can reinforce the good work done by our farmers.

We work with our farmers to meet globally recognised standards as set by the World Organisation for Animal Health, and eliminate practices that contravene the Five Freedoms.