Governance Development Committee

The Governance Development Committee (GDC) is a joint Co-operative Council and Board initiative
Established in 2006 to address succession needs within Fonterra, the dairy industry and the wider rural community.

The Committee’s primary objective is to identify and develop governance acumen in future rural leaders. This is achieved primarily through operating the Governance Development Programme (GDP), which builds farmers’ skills and capability in areas including governance, leadership, strategic planning and delivery and an understanding of Fonterra’s business.

The GDC is chaired by Andy McFarlane and members include Fonterra Chairman Peter McBride, The Co-operative Council Chair John Stevenson, Councillor Don Hammond and independent member Janine Smith.

Andy Macfarlane

Farmer Director and GDC Chairman

Don Hammond

Co-operative Councillor

Peter McBride

Fonterra Chairman

Janine Smith

Independent Committee Member

John Stevenson

Co-operative Council Chair