At Fonterra, we help out our communities where we can. It's about Doing Good Together.

Fonterra Doing Good Together helps solve social or community issues for the success of our communities. Through our actions, we will do the most good by focusing on creating Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Healthy Businesses.

Partnering with Sanitarium and the New Zealand Government means all of us can help create goodness for generations and give children the best start to the day – a nutritious breakfast.

About KickStart Breakfast
Why does the programme exist?
How long has it been going?
How does it work?

We have served more than 46 million breakfasts, and run in more than 1,300 schools nationwide.

KickStart Breakfast is designed to work for your school!


Breakfast before school, morning tea, lunchtime and/or during class.

Led by

Volunteers, students, school staff, charity groups.


Deciles 1-10 schools.


To run once a week to every school day.


The school hall, the classroom, the staffroom.


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Schools share what they love most about KickStart Breakfast

It’s great to hear from the schools and the pupils themselves about what they think of KickStart Breakfast, so, here’s what three schools that do Breakfast Club very differently had to say:

Beach Haven Primary

Bruce McLaren Intermediate

Motueka High School

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We value the part we play in our community

Being part of this programme helps us to forge strong relationships, grow future leaders while making valuable nutrition available to our tamariki.

The initial aim of providing a nutritious breakfast for kids who might otherwise not get that has been achieved. But, what has exceeded expectations are the communities in and out of the schools that have developed from the breakfast clubs and some of the intangible qualities that have come with that – care, nurturing, confidence and connection. We feel fortunate (and a little proud) to be playing a role in these communities.

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4 steps to recycling - Rinse, Drain, Dry & Flatten

KickStart Breakfast is passionate about being kaitiaki (guardians) of our environment. It is important to follow our 4 steps recycling process to ensure the race to zero waste can be achieved.

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