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Covid 19 Information

Our response to the global COVID-19 outbreak is being managed through our robust incident response processes. We have actioned our business continuity plans for our sites, offices and facilities.

As part of the food supply chain, Fonterra is considered an essential service. At this stage our operations and logistics are largely operating as normal. We are still collecting milk from our farmers and producing and distributing our dairy products.

Our essential people, such as our tanker drivers, manufacturing and distribution centre employees, are continuing to work while following the very strict guidance from the government to protect themselves and the community from COVID-19.

We take our responsibility as an essential business providing dairy nutrition during this challenging time seriously. We are taking precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people, and the community during this time.

Kia kaha and stay safe – tātou tātou

For any enquiries please follow the guidance below.

Fonterra farmers

As Fonterra is considered an essential service, our farmers will continue as usual and we will keep collecting their milk.


Existing customers, please contact your Account Manager for any questions you may have.

If you haven’t previously purchased product from Fonterra but would like to do so, please use the following links to get in touch with our Sales teams:

For dairy ingredients and solutions please contact NZMP

For foodservice please contact Anchor Food Professionals


Please contact

Frequently asked questions

Is Fonterra still operating?

We have received advice from the Government that Fonterra is considered an essential service. As part of the food supply chain, the collection of Fonterra farmers’ milk and our operations will be prioritised.


Fonterra employees in the food supply chain, such as farmers, tanker drivers, manufacturing and distribution centre employees, are to keep working but follow the very strict guidance from the government to protect themselves and the community from COVID-19.


All Fonterra staff who are able to work from home will do so. Our Farm Source retail stores across New Zealand will be closing their front doors to public for the time being, but people will still be able to shop online.

Can I still visit a Fonterra site or office?

No, visits to any Fonterra site or office are currently restricted. If you are a vendor, please contact the site directly.

What are you doing to keep your employees safe?

The health and safety of our people is essential so we can continue to provide food and nutrition. We have put in place a number of precautions to keep our employees safe, which include social distancing and utilising technology to carry out meetings or conversations that would usually happen face-to-face.


Those who fall into a high-risk health category, such as those aged over 70, those with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions, are not required to come into work. We are also implementing temperature testing on site for any employees who are required to be in the workplace.


Specific sites have put in place more targeted guidance around their requirements, which may include alternative working arrangements to ensure that the chances of transmission of COVID-19 is minimised. This includes additional site access restrictions, restrictions on how people get to site, and changes to shift arrangements.

Is Fonterra making ethanol?

We are making 250,000 litres of our high-grade ethanol available to New Zealand companies for use in the production of hand sanitiser.


We’re also increasing ethanol production at one of our plants to help with the availability of hand sanitiser, with a target of producing an extra 220,000 litres. Gull are already doing their part and we are working with them on testing a further 250,000 litres of their fuel grade ethanol to ensure it is suitable to be used for their sanitiser business.


We also are working with the Government on their priorities for front line services.

How can I purchase ethanol?

The allocation and distribution of our ethanol is being managed by our partner Axieo.


For new or existing customers who have any questions, please get in touch with Axieo on