Anchor cheese is back with a difference


Anchor cheese is back and this time there’s a guaranteed lactose free option. For years milk, butter and yoghurt have all been part of Fonterra’s Anchor range and now cheese is coming into the fold. 

Fonterra Brands New Zealand Director of Marketing, Clare Morgan, says the addition of cheese to Fonterra’s Anchor family continues Anchor’s tradition of a love of dairy and innovation.  

“When pioneer Henry Reynolds launched Anchor in 1886 he would have never imagined that over a century later more than 150 Anchor products would be sold every minute. This week it’s set to grow even more.”

As well as the traditional Tasty, Colby and Edam, there are two new additions – Protein+ and Zero Lacto.

“We’re excited to see our Anchor cheese in the fridges. It’s giving Kiwi’s back one of the most trusted and liked brands in cheese.

“Our Zero Lacto cheese has been introduced as an additional option for Kiwis with lactose intolerance.

“While most hard cheese is naturally low in lactose this is batch tested to ensure there is no lactose, providing a guaranteed lactose free cheese option.”

Protein+ has 26 per cent more protein than Anchor Tasty and is an easy way for Kiwis to increase protein in their diets.

These new cheeses join the list of more than 160 Anchor products that are today shared in more than 80 countries around the world, a demonstration of what pure New Zealand dairy coupled with enthusiasm and innovation can achieve.