Parents can trace product journey as Anmum releases it's first batch of QR coded cans in New Zealand


Consumers now have their first touch point with Fonterra’s traceability in New Zealand through QR codes on Fonterra’s paediatric range, Anmum.

The QR codes are part of a programme to track and trace ingredients and products electronically throughout Fonterra, from the raw milk source on farm right through to retailers who sell the product to consumers.

Unique for every Anmum can, the QR code connects consumers via a mobile phone app to a webpage with information which verifies the authenticity of the product and its batch number. Consumers can also scan the can at any stage after they have bought it and get up to date status information about their product.

Group Marketing Manager Anmum, Teresa Smyth says; “As a mum of twins myself, knowing exactly where the product comes from gives me confidence in buying it and feeding it to my children.

“By scanning the QR code to trace the product’s journey, consumers can be reassured about the quality and safety of our products - and this is fundamental to being the most trusted source of dairy nutrition.”

Fonterra General Manager Trust in Source, Tim Kirk said Fonterra is on track to have total electronic traceability to world-class standards by 2020 – and the first cans of the traceable paediatric range Anmum hitting the shelves in New Zealand supermarkets is the first milestone.

“In attaining total electronic traceability we have broken down the job into achievable steps. By the end of this year, 90% of our plants globally will have traceability data electronically connected, with the remaining 10% to be completed in 2018/2019.

“Ultimately we will have full electronic traceability for every drop of milk starting with where it came from. This includes every stage of processing, every ingredient, every product and our direct sales to customers in more than 100 countries.”