Fonterra Brands Indonesia through Anmum launches Anmum #MumToMum Digital Platform for Online Moms in Indonesia

A platform from moms, to moms that aims to share mother’s simplest questions to the biggest experience around the extraordinary motherhood journey

Jakarta, 1 August 2018 – This year, in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week, Anmum Indonesia launches Anmum #MumToMum an online platform from moms, to moms in Indonesia to digitally connect with other moms to discuss topics, seek information, and discover new things about the extraordinary journey of pregnancy & motherhood.

From the survey that Anmum did in 2017, Mothers are found to experience extraordinary changes and challenges such as first time experience, stress, under pressure and health issue during their pregnancy and lactation, which causes anxiety and the need of support system.[1] Therefore, the objective of Anmum #MumToMum is to digitally connect moms online.

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. In Indonesia, exclusive breastfeeding rates remain low despite a high number of women (96 per cent) breastfeeding their child at some point[2]. The Center of Data and Information Ministry of Health (Pusdatin Kemkes) 2017 reveals that Indonesia’s exclusive breastfeeding rate is only around 35 per cent, which is lower than the WHO’s recommendations of 50 per cent.[3]

There are several factors contributing to the declining breastfeeding rates in Indonesia, and the Demographic Health Survey suggests that the availability of a strong support system for breastfeeding mothers can play a part in boosting the success of exclusive breastfeeding.

Rohini Behl, Technical Marketing Advisor, PT Fonterra Brands Indonesia, said, “There are many obstacles to breastfeeding in Indonesia, including the lack of family support as well as misconceptions around breastfeeding which need to be addressed. Our survey in 2017 found that mothers experience extraordinary changes and challenges during their pregnancy and lactation such as first time experience, stress, familial pressures and health issues, which can cause anxiety and increase the need for a support system. These are some of the contributing factors that can lead to a decrease or stop in breast milk production. This ultimately affects both the  mother’s and baby’s health and overall well-being.”

DR. Dr. Ariani Dewi Widodo, Sp.A(K), explained, “There are many reasons why mothers experienced of decreased breast milk production, it is because she is psychologically insecure, she has back to work immediately after maternity leave, mothers with pre-existing health problems. One solution for mothers who experience decrease or stop in breast milk production for two weeks during the first six months of exclusive breastfeeding is by implementing relactation, especially when their babies reach 3-4 months old.”

“To implement relactation successfully, mothers must apply the right technique, fulfil their nutrition intake and gain more emotional support from family, friends, as well as their social environment”, she added.

In recognition of the urgent need to address the barriers that are contributing to the low exclusive breastfeeding rates in Indonesia, Anmum aims to provide mothers with a safe and trusted platform to discuss any topic related to pregnancy and motherhood to ensure that mothers do not feel alone during their motherhood journey.

Ines Yumahana Gulardi, MSc., Senior Nutrition Manager, PT Fonterra Brands Indonesia, said, “Mother’s require a lot of emotional and psychological support during their pregnancy journey as they are trying to provide baby with the best nutrition at every stage. Therefore, the types of information mothers receive pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and during lactation, play very important roles in determining the overall development of the baby from the moment of conception all the way to their early childhood development, which in turn impacting their health in adulthood.”

“Anmum is one of the leading brands in Indonesia formulated to support nutritional needs of mothers, in preparation of pregnancy, during pregnancy and lactation, we want to equip mothers with the right information to guide her in making the right decision for herself and her baby”, Ines added.

Rinni Wulandari, Pop Singer Indonesia, new mom of 5-month-old baby Nord Kiano Julian echoed the importance of providing mothers like herself with a strong support system and educational information on the best practices to exclusively breastfeed her new born successfully.

"Being a mother for the first time is an extraordinary journey for me. However, behind all the happy moments, I also found many difficult obstacles. One of them is my breastmilk production which was affected by the daily pressures of work I faced upon returning from maternity leave.. However, with the support from people around me who continued to care for my emotional and psychological well-being, I was able to provide my baby with the best nutrition he needs in the early stages of his life.”

“I really appreciate Anmum's initiative in launching the Anmum #MumToMum digital platform. Anmum #MumToMum makes it easy to navigate lots of information online because another experienced mother and I believe this Anmum #MumToMum can give positive impacts for all mothers and help other mothers to celebrate their extraordinary journey”, she added.

Rohini continued, “We understand that nutrition and psychology factors play an important role, therefore Anmum through #MumToMum provide an online platform for information about both nutritional nourishment and emotional support at a click of the button.”

Anmum #MumToMum providesemotional and psychological support from moms to moms during their motherhood journey, including in times of breastfeeding. We fully encourage moms to do breastfeeding in the first six months and continue up to two years. Anmum believes that experience is the best teacher, and peer groups are a great place for moms with common issues to get practical and emotional solutions from other experienced moms. Moms can easily access the Anmum #MumToMum digital platform by visiting Anmum’s official Website, social media account in Facebook (Anmum Indonesia), and Instagram (@Anmum_Indonesia).



[1] Challenges Experienced by Pregnant and Lactating Mothers in Indonesia (2017)” commissioned by Fonterra Brands Indonesia and Anmum


[3] The Center of Data and Information of Ministry of Health (Pusdatin Kemkes) 2017