We are a New Zealand born Co-operative made up of everyday people who work together to deliver top quality dairy products to the world. We are passionate about doing amazing things with dairy. Our Co-operative, which is founded by the people for the people, can make a difference across the world. 

In Aotearoa, the indigenous peoples, Māori, have a spiritual connection between people and the land – the wellbeing of one sustains the wellbeing of the other. It’s a spirit that we carry into our Co-operative, and one we share with many cultures around the globe, that connects and unifies us all.

Our Co-operative is behind brands loved by people in more than 140 countries across the world. We want to continue delivering the goodness of New Zealand dairy products to the world for generations to come – that is why we are committed to farming in a way that regenerates our farms and the environment.

Our markets

New Zealand
North Asia
Middle East
Sri Lanka
We farm naturally and because of this, we are proud to have one of the lowest carbon footprints on farm in the world.

We want to be the most emissions efficient and environmentally sustainable dairy farmers. To do this we are reducing our footprint, restoring nature, and adopting a regenerative mindset.

The things we make

Our brands are loved by consumers in Aotearoa, New Zealand and around the world.

Our portfolio of well-known brands includes Anchor, Anmum, Anlene, NZMP and Farm Source.

Made using trusted processes and the highest quality natural dairy, our brands are loved by consumers in Aotearoa, and around the world.